Dangerous Steroid Supplements – FDA Public Health Advisory

FDA issued a public health advisory on Tuesday warning consumers to immediate stop using and discard all American Cellular Labs supplements. Many of these dangerous steroid supplements were being labeled as dietary supplements, or as containing “steroid-like” ingredients, when in fact these supplements contain synthetic steroids.

FDA officials have accused the California company of misbranding its supplements and selling unapproved steroids through these dietary supplements. The dangerous supplements include:

  • TREN-Xtreme
  • MASS Xtreme
  • ESTRO Xtreme
  • AH-89-Xtreme
  • HMG Xtreme
  • MMA-3 Xtreme
  • VNS-9 Xtreme
  • TT-40-Xtreme

The FDA had received five reports of adverse side effects, including serious liver injury and pulmonary embolism (blockage of an artery in the lung), allegedly caused by American Cellular and similar manufacturers’ products. These products appear to be popular among high school athletes whose drug-testing isn’t as sensitive as professional athletes’. Because they’re cheap and can be bought locally, they are extremely popular, despite carrying the same risks as steroids.

Contrary to popular belief, FDA officials have little oversight over dietary supplements. Nor can they recall dangerous supplements from the market.

It is still within recent memory that a company called MuscleTech produced ephedra-containing dietary supplements that may have caused strokes, heart attacks and death, and the muscle-building supplement Teston-6 was found contaminated with steroids increasing and posing risks of aggressive prostate cancer. These dangerous supplement manufacturers target our competitive youth in their marketing for body building and increased muscle mass and have no qualms with causing serious injury with their outright lies and omissions.

If you have been injured by a body-building supplement and believe you have an injury claim, please contact our Tennessee Legal Office. You can also contact us toll free at 1-800-705-2121.

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