No matter how you choose to get around, it’s essential that you understand the different legal implications of each method. From Uber and Lyft to taxis and beyond, there are plenty of ridesharing options out there—but who is liable in the case of an accident?  Jim Higgins was recently interviewed on this topic and you can watch it here:


Uterine cancer is a serious health issue, and it can have devastating consequences for those affected. Unfortunately, recent studies suggest that long-term use of hair straighteners may contribute to the development of uterine cancer.

This has led to numerous lawsuits from people who have been diagnosed with uterine cancer after using hair straighteners for an extended period. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the key components of these lawsuits and explore the potential legal claims that can be made in these cases.

We’ll also discuss what you should do if you believe that your uterine cancer is linked to hair straightener use. By understanding your rights, you can move forward in seeking compensation.

We all love giving and receiving gifts around the holidays. There’s nothing quite like the joy of seeing a smile light up a relative’s face as they open something you gave them.

But sometimes a gift doesn’t work as expected. This can be as silly as a shirt that’s too small or a robot vacuum that keeps smacking itself into a wall. Unfortunately, it can sometimes result in severe injury.

For instance, what if you bought your husband a new grill with a set of defective burners. He fires it up to test it out, and a huge spout of flame shoots out, severely burning him. Suddenly he’s in the hospital, and he won’t be able to work for several weeks. No amount of holiday cheer is going to be able to pay your bills.

If you or a loved one experienced complications resulting from an Exactech knee replacement, you could be entitled to compensation.

Exactech is a medical device manufacturer that produces metal-on-metal hip and knee replacement products. These products have been linked to a number of serious health complications, including metallosis, tissue death, and knee replacement failure and have been used by orthopedics Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee

Patients who have suffered complications after receiving an Exactech knee replacement may be able to file a lawsuit against the company. If you or a loved one has been affected by an Exactech knee replacement, contact a qualified attorney today to discuss your legal options.

Nathan Mauer was a defense lawyer on the insurance company’s side. However, he now only fights for people going against the insurance company and making claims for personal injury. If you’ve received a personal injury and you’re seeking compensation, it might be best to consult a lawyer that used to defend the people you’re going up against.

Please continue reading to learn more about how Nathan Mauer’s past on the other side can benefit your case. Sometimes, having outside perspectives can be massively beneficial in the courtroom.

Setting up your estate may seem daunting at first. After all, you are planning for the event of your death- plus, estate planning can have plenty of legal and familial factors to concern.

Thankfully, understanding these factors can make planning your estate far less intimidating. No matter what, setting up your estate will always be a time-consuming process; however, it doesn’t have to be scary!

While legal factors may vary, family matters are one of the most vital things you must consider- this includes anything from their needs to their changing personal life.

If you have watched any TV in the past few months you have seen a commercial or new story about Camp Lejuene Lawsuits. So what is it? I thought we could discuss what this litigation is about, why we are hearing so much about it now and what to do if you have been impacted. So here are those questions with a couple of brief answers:


In cases as poignant as nursing home neglect and abuse, the need for qualified, experienced legal representation is never more important. At The Higgins Firm, we have an entire department devoted to holding negligent nursing homes and assisted living facilities accountable for the lack of care they provide to their vulnerable residents.

Our extensive history of working with nursing home abuse victims and their families has made us the go-to firm in Knoxville, Nashville, and their surrounding metro areas. We strive to ensure that every nursing home victim receives our compassion and the most compensation possible for their experience.

Two major baby formula manufacturers are being sued by parents whose premature infants became very ill or died from flawed baby formula produced by major manufacturers Similac and Enfamil. The lawsuit alleges that these manufacturers knew that the ingredients in the formulas might make premature babies very sick but failed to disclose this information to parents.

Under Tennessee’s product liability laws, failure to post an adequate warning label and failure to notify the parents about possible complications for premature babies violates statute §63.8 Duty to Warn – Time of Sale. The manufacturers are being held liable for the injuries sustained by the babies and pursued in cases of wrongful death.

The Higgins Firm is representing families affected by these defective products.

In Tennessee, 11 well known nursing homes have been named as some of the poorest performers in the state. Violations ranging from untreated bedsores, unreported falls, bruises that are unexplainable, and an insulin overdose that equated to 25 times more than the standard dosage are just some of those that have been made.

These revelations come after two U.S. Senators: Bob Casey, D-Pennsylvania, and Pat Toomey, R-Pennsylvania, of the Senate Special Committee on Aging released a “secret” report in June. The report suggested that in the U.S. there were at least 400 underperforming nursing homes. After the report was released Medicare and Medicaid opted to disclose to the public a list of these homes; the agencies said they would also receive extra inspections and attention through the Special Focus Facility Program.

Although lists of underperforming nursing facilities have always been public, resources to improve their services are very limited. For instance, in this case when 400 nursing homes are not performing to the best of their ability, there are only enough resources for 88 homes to be a part of the Special Focus Facility Program.

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