Tennessee Nursing Home Abuse: Signs to Look For in your Loved Ones

Trusting other people to care for our loved ones when we can no longer do so ourselves can be very tough and emotional as many residents in Tennessee and across the country already know. However, trusting those people to care for our loved ones can be even more difficult if we fear they may be suffering from nursing home abuse and neglect. Sometimes recognizing the signs of abuse can be difficult, especially since it is not always physical. However, if you feel that your loved one may be suffering from nursing home abuse, it is important to speak with a Tennessee nursing home abuse lawyer right away. They will work with you and make sure your loved ones get the care they deserve.

Although physical abuse may be the most easily recognized form of nursing home abuse, there are several other types of abuse that can and unfortunately do occur. These include emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, financial abuse and fraud. It is important to know how to recognize each type of abuse so that you can report it immediately and get things taken care of for not only your loved ones but others family members as well.

Common signs of physical abuse might include:
• Bruises, scars, sores, and bumps that do not have a reasonable explanation • Broken or dislocated bones • Drug overdoses from taking medicine improperly • Care provider not permitting you to see your loved one
Common signs of emotional abuse might include:
• Seeing a care provider threaten or talk down to a loved one or another patient • Nervous behavior from a loved one (i.e. rocking, sucking ones’ hands or fingers, and mumbling)

Common signs of sexual abuse might include:
• Bruises near the breasts or genital area • Vaginal bleeding or scarring that has no reasonable explanation • Unexplained infections • Torn clothes
Common signs of neglect from a care provider or of oneself might include:
• Rapid weight loss • Improperly treated medical conditions and sores • Dirty room, bed, clothes, or body • Leaving a loved one unsupervised in public • Hazardous living conditions (i.e. improperly heated, no water, fire hazards)

Common signs of financial abuse might include:
• Large withdrawals from a loved one’s’ account • Rapid changes in a loved one’s financial standing • Items or money missing from room or house • Services or items being given to a loved one that they do not need
Common signs of nursing home fraud might include:

• More than one bill for the same item or service • Inadequate care even though bills are being paid • Signs of being improperly medicated
• Few or no responses to questions concerning a loved one’s care
These are unfortunately all common types of nursing home abuse that happen to millions of elderly people in nursing homes every day even right here in Tennessee. If you think that your loved one may be suffering from nursing home abuse, it is highly recommended that you report the abuse to a local agency, to the police, or to a medical professional and then contact one of our experienced and compassionate Tennessee nursing home abuse attorneys. We care about your loved ones and will work with you to make sure they get the treatment they are entitled to.
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