Tennessee Firefighter Awarded $1.5 Million Compensation after Amputation to Madison County Doctor’s Malpractice

The Jackson Sun reported this weekend on the conclusion of a Tennessee medical malpractice trial that awarded a former Henderson County volunteer firefighter $1.5 million in compensation for a Tennessee doctor’s post-operation negligence that lead to the amputation of his left leg. The Madison County jury found in favor of Michael Derrick, who lost his leg to amputation to prevent the spread of infection contracted during bypass surgery in the leg.

Dr. George E. Thomas and his employer Madison Clinic Corporation will be responsible for reparations–which is not to say that they will replace the lost limb taken by their negligent and repeated oversights but that their insurance will have to cover the financial compensation for Mr. Derrick’s loss of limb.

Dr. Thomas performed the bypass surgery in January 2006. Mr. Derrick saw the doctor eight more times during the next month in follow-ups where he complained of fevers and chills. Dr. Thomas told him it was the flu; a week after the eighth visit, Derrick was told by an emergency room doctor that a bacterial infection had spread throughout his left leg and that Derrick had a choice: He could be minus one leg or lose his life.

Now, two years after the amputation from an infection that should have never been allowed to spread, Mr. Derrick will have some justice, though not his leg. As Derrick said to the Jackson Sun last Friday, “Money is not going to replace my leg. I’m just hoping that I can get the word out (so) that it doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Thousands of Tennesseans put their health and trust in medical professionals every day. When this trust is betrayed by medical incompetence, those injured have the right to sue under Tennessee malpractice law. Just as no limit exists for the horrors–including birth injuries, brain injuries, paralysis, organ failure, aneurysms, blindness, organ failure, infection, amputation, coma, and death–a Tennessee patient might suffer from malpractice, Tennessee law placed no limit to damages the injured may be awarded. These medical injuries can be caused by incorrect diagnosis, delayed treatment, incorrect procedures performed, correct procedures performed incorrectly, or performing procedures without a patient’s consent.

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