Surgeons Urge Recall Of Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacements

All across the United States and even in Tennessee, many people have heard about the problems with Zimmer hip and knee replacement devices. People have suffered pain and problems because of these medical devices and may have even required more surgery to fix or replace the device. Even surgeons who perform the Zimmer NexGen Knee Replacement surgeries have warned the Zimmer Company about problems and defects with the device. If you or someone you care about has received a Zimmer NexGen Knee replacement and experienced pain or problems because of it, you should speak with a Tennessee Zimmer recall lawyer right away. They will hear your case and make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your pain and problems.

According to online resources, Dr. Richard A Berger installed Zimmer knee replacements into his patients and designed surgical tools and artificial joints for Zimmer holdings as well as trained doctors to use Zimmer products and promoted Zimmer products for over ten years. Zimmer paid him more than $8 million over the last ten years. Following this, Dr. Berger informed Zimmer that the NexGen artificial knee replacement was defective and failing too soon. Dr. Berger went on to publish a study that proved the defect in the Zimmer knee replacement. Dr. Berger is not the only surgeon who was concerned about these replacement devices. Other surgeons had warned the Zimmer company years ago about these problems.

The Zimmer Company blamed the defects and problems of its hip and knee replacements on the surgeon’s technique instead of on their product. The NexGen knee replacement requires the use of adhesives to hold the thigh bone to the part of the knee replacement that bends. However, many surgeons are cautious about using adhesives because they can break done and cause failures. Zimmer’s replacement uses a version that does not have adhesives and requires the bone to naturally fuse with knee implant. This has and can lead to knee replacement failures, revision surgery to replace the device, loosening of the device, knee and joint pain, and difficulty when walking or standing.

Situations just like this one happen all over the United States and right here in Tennessee all too often. If you or someone you know has had a Zimmer NexGen knee replacement and suffered from pain or problems, you should contact one of our experienced and caring Tennessee Zimmer recall attorneys as soon as possible. We will hear your case and work with you to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve and that Zimmer is held accountable for the defective product they have produced. Contact us online or call us at 800.705.2121 to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your legal options.

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