National Long-Term Care Residents Rights Month

October is a time of year in which the leaves start to change color and Tennessee residents start to pull out their autumn jackets. This time of year has also been set aside to acknowledge America’s seniors and the contributions they have made to every future generation to come.  The National Long-Term Care Residents Rights Month aims to bring focus to seniors living in elderly care or nursing homes; enabling people to remember and value each and every one of these people. In addition to this, the commemorative month is meant to encourage seniors, and their loved ones, to remember their rights and their voice. Through this direct involvement and say from the resident’s themselves, long term facilities may be able to operate more effectively while building a reputation they can be proud of.

My Vote Matters Theme

Each year, The National Long-Term Care Residents Rights Month follows a theme. This year’s theme was ‘My Vote Matters’, and was chosen to garner attention to resident’s and their retention of voting rights, regardless of where they live or what kind of care they receive. The importance of this greatly exceeds many other important events for it reminds people that a seniors’ vote could impact the very laws and regulations which encompass long term resident homes.

The Rights of Long Term Care Resident’s in Tennessee

In lieu of the recent October health observance, National Long-Term Care Residents Rights Month, The Higgins Firm would like to further address elderly care homes and the rights of residents. These long term facilities are meant to be a place of support, compassion and trust. The loved ones of elders expect the staff of nursing homes provide a safety net for seniors while showing them dignity and respect. Indeed many of these places hold true to such honorable actions. However, some long term resident homes fail to treat each person with respect through violating the natural rights of the resident.

It’s prudent for senior residents and their loved ones to know their rights and responsibilities when actively participating in long term care. Moreover, it’s important to exercise these rights; otherwise, they become meaningless.

As a Tennessee nursing home lawyer, we brief the families of seniors on a regular basis about a loved one’s rights. In Tennessee, nursing home or elder care residents are entitled to rights such as:

  • The right to voice objections or distress without punishment or the fear of punishment
  • The right to exercise all rights as an American citizen and Tennessee nursing home resident
  • The right to avoid any mental or physical abuse
  • The right to be free from physical or medical/chemical restraint
  • The right to leave or be transferred for medical reasons, their own welfare or non-payment
  • The right private communication and the freedom to be involved with social, community, or religious activities
  • The right to have access to all medical records, health updates and treatment plans
  • The right to manage their own personal affairs and personal belongings

Nursing Home Resident’s Rights in Tennessee

If at any time, the aforementioned rights are violated, legal litigation could follow. Lawyers of The Higgins Firm understand how tough the decision may be to allow a long term home take care of an aging loved one. When this care is not adequately provided, feelings of sadness, frustration or anger can quickly amount. By acknowledging and remembering the ambitions of this month, now and hereafter, as well as the rights each and every resident has, it is our hope to see a reduction in violations and negligence.

Should you be the family member of an elder whose been mentally, emotional, physically or financially abused or neglected, please contact The Higgins Firm, a Tennessee nursing home lawyer you can trust.



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