How do I get out of a speeding ticket in Tennessee?

Should I pay the ticket or try to fight it?

The Government is giving out Speeding Tickets in record numbers. They are also giving out other types of moving violations. Many people who get Speeding Tickets in Tennessee are traveling through the state and are not familiar with the many speed limit changes that occur on Tennessee highways. Tennessee Speeding ticket police are there waiting to get you when the posted speed changes. Speeding tickets in Tennessee get reported to your home state as soon as you mail in your money and plead guilty.

The effect that a Tennessee Speeding ticket has on your insurance premiums is shocking. The Speeding ticket fine and court fees are just the tip of an iceberg. Your insurance is what matters. Your points will stay on your driving record for at least a year. Points on you record can have a dramatic impact on your insurance premiums. When or if you ever try to get coverage on a new policy, a TN speeding ticket can preclude you from obtaining insurance coverage. If the speed is extremely high, your premiums may be the least of your worries. Many judges in the State of Tennessee will actually require you to do jail time if he speed is excessive. You should not pay your Tennessee speeding/traffic ticket fines without a fight. If A Tennessee Traffic Ticket Lawyer can often appear for you if you are out of state, get the fines reduced, and give you a chance of getting the speeding ticket dismissed altogether.
The speeding ticket laws in Tennessee are complex, and they vary from city to city. Even though you may have been told by a Tennessee Speeding Ticket police officer that you can go to traffic school and it will be dismissed, this is not altogether true. Call the Higgins Firm and get our traffic ticket experts to handle the Tennessee speeding/traffic ticket for you. We will give you an assessment of your ticket based on your particular set of facts. We are here to help.

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