FDA Issues Safety Warning for Duragesic Pain Patch

The Duragesic pain patch and other, generic pain patches similar to Duragesic have received a second safety warning from FDA regulators.

FDA officials have issued this second warning to doctors and patients using the Duragesic pain patch due to many injuries and deaths reportedly caused by the drug fentanyl. This most recent warning about dangerous effects of Duragestic pain patches comes after the patch was put on high alert in July 2005 when 120 patients who had used the pain patch had died.

Fentanyl is a narcotic most often used to assuage patients suffering from terminal forms of cancer. In Duragestic pain patches, this painkiller (opoid) is administered through the skin (transdermal delivery).

When this pain drug is incorrectly prescribed by medical professionals, deaths can result. Almost all deaths related to Duragestic pain patches are preventable, according to FDA officials.

Duragestic and other fentanyl pain patches required a second warning, according to FDA officials, because they have been inappropriately prescribed for surgery pain and head aches. These are not the intended and FDA approved uses for the Duragestic pain patch. Additionally, this dangerous drug medication can be abused by patients who may develop an addition to the drug or may incorrectly administer the patch; fentatnyl, estimated to be 80 times more potent than morphine, is highly addictive. Fentanyl patches should only be used and prescribed for constant, severe pain in patients.

Duragestics deaths can result from any number of dangerous side effects but most commonly occur because fentanyl in even moderate doses can cause difficulty breathing.

The Duragesic pain patch is marketed by Johnson & Johnson and is considered a Class II substance.

Since June 2005, survivors of relatives who have died from fentanyl overdose caused by Duragesic pain patches have been awarded compensation.

If you or a Tennessee loved one has suffered serious side effects of a Duragesic pain patch, you may be eligible to file a Tennessee Duragesic lawsuit. I and the other qualified, personal injury attorney at HHP offer free case evaluations in dangerous and recalled drug medication matters.

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