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Our firm has been retained by two men who was violently assaulted by a security guard at a Nashville club. The bar is Cadillac Ranch in downtown and the assault occurred on February 7, 2009. We are looking for witness who may have been at the club when the event occurred or who has witnessed any similar events or fights at the club.

It is our belief that the assault and our clients’ significant injuries where the result of a security guard applying excessive and unlawful force. Unfortunately, this is not the first case that we have handled involving the unlawful use of force by a security guard. These cases are often the result of untrained guards. Often the people acting as security should never had been hired by the company based upon their background. Again, if you have information regarding this event or any similar event please contact our Nashville law office. You can may call us at 613.353.0930.

Many of Nashville’s elderly and disabled citizens have much to fear due to rising crime rates at the apartment complexes where they live. There are seven high-rise public housing towers who’s incidents of criminal activity have increased substantially in recent days.

The security for those apartments is the responsibility of the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA). Shockingly, MDHA employs only two security guards to protect over 5,000 apartments. This is woefully insufficient and leaves so many of our city’s most vulnerable citizens helpless in the face of increasingly dangerous and brazen criminals, all made worse by an inexcusable lack of adequate security at the apartment complexes where they live.

If you have been the victim of a crime and you feel it was the result of inadequate security, please call the dedicated attorneys at The Higgins Firm and let us evaluate your case. The first consultation is always free and we have the training, experience, and resources necessary to protect your rights and to be your advocate in your fight against inadequate apartment security.

A security guard charged with protecting the elderly and disabled in a Nashville apartment building, stood idly by while a third man beat a resident with a stick and kicked him in the head.

On June 19, Lonnie Hutton, a resident of Vine Hill Towers, was severely beaten while security guard, Everett York looked on. In fact, it is reported that York participated in the assault by distracting Hutton so that the beating could take place.

Vine Hill Towers is owned by the city of Nashville which employed KRC Security to guard the residence and the tenants. Curiously, KRC Security was hired by the Metro Davidson Housing Authority even though the company’s security license has expired. Of even greater concern is the fact that KRC Security hired Everett York in spite of the fact that he had no license to be a security guard and he was a sex offender.

Just west of Tennessee, down Texas way, an Oklahoma hospital will have to answer for its lack of adequate security on its premises after four years of appealing a crime victim’s lawsuit. Last week, the Oklahoma Supreme Court decided 5-4 that St. John Medical Center in Tulsa would have to defend itself in a lawsuit filed by one of its nurses. This nurse, unnamed because of her status as a sex crime victim, was kidnapped in the hospital’s parking garage.

Parking garages are hotbeds of crime, even in broad daylight, and the kidnapped nurse’s attorney has shown that the hospital was aware of previous violent criminal activity in the parking garage, including assault, battery, kidnapping, and muggings. Despite this knowledge, the hospital did little to improve security on their premises or to deter crime. Their failure to improve security after these assaults, this inadequate security lawsuit alleges, was what allowed for the nurse to be kidnapped and raped when she left her car.

Property owners are responsible for the safety of those invited on their premises, including visitors and employees. Just as the injured has a right to sue for damages for negligence leading to injury if property owners do not warning of a broken stairs or other warn or prevent other foreseeable events that could lead to injury, so, too, does state law, including Tennessee law, allow a victims injured by violent crime, to sue the premises owners if there has been a history of violent crime and the property owners took little or no reasonable measures to prevent future injuries or crime.

Recently, Adam Villegas, as killed while trying to leave Marathon Sports Bar in Nashville, Tennessee. According to police, a security guard employed by SecurityWise, shot Villegas through the open driver’s side window of his Saturn Ion after the men argued in the parking lot. According to the paper, Holmes told police the victim had a lot to drink and that he was worried Villegas was going to hit him with the car.

Unfortuantly, I have been involved in several cases involving the excessive use of force by a security guard. Although it is uncertain as to whether the use of force was justified in this case it is certainly an event which should be investigated closely. This should also bring to light the incredible lack of regulations as to arm security guards in Tennessee. Tennessee requires only minimal training before a person can become a “qualified” armed security guard. The public would be outraged if our police were allowed to enforce our laws with only a minimal amount of training yet why is there no concern about an armed guards being allowed to protect the public with such limited requirements.

I also believe that it is not only unfair to the public but also unfair to the guards themselves. To give someone a firearm and expect them to natural be able to react appropriately under a high pressure situation is unfair to both the guards and the public.

This week I was interviewed by a local news station, Fox 17, to discuss the sexual assaults which recently occurred on school buses. Unfortunately, my office has handled several inadequate security cases and school liability cases. These cases never come to my office until the damage has been done. As such, I would like to share a little advice to prevent these tragic events before they happen.

I have found that in almost all my school violence cases ofter, there was a lack of communication between the student, parents and school before the accident occurs. Many times this happens in cases where considerable warning signs existed. As such, if you have a child or friend that is dealing with a bully or aggressive student I would suggest you consider the following advice:

Whenever a serious case of bullying occurs, make a personal visit to the teacher, principal and follow up with certified letters or emails to the principal of the school, school board members, and the superintendent. Include the full names of all of the bullies, what the bully or bullies did, and the date the incident occurred. Request a response and a plan of action.

Today (9/25) is Nashville’s first observance of the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims.

The memorial for murder victims is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. today in Centennial Park in the Children’s Garden. There will be music and shared memories of friends and family of murder victims. A flag commemorating children who have died due to abuse will fly and the garden’s entrance will be decorated with purple and maroon ribbons symbolizing the number of people who were murdered in Nashville this year.

If your loved one was a victim of a murder or violent crime, HHP’s thoughts go out to you today. For crime victims or their survivors still dealing with a wrongful death, our and premise liability attorneys may be able to monetarily help ease some of the financial pain from your loss.

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