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Unpaid Wages Recovered by TN Carwash Workers in $130K Wage and Hour Settlement

In a follow-up to a Tennessee Law Blog’s wage and hour reporting last July (Unpaid Wages and Unrecorded Hours Subject of Local Nashville, TN Car Wash Lawsuit), I and my fellow TN employment attorneys at the Higgins Firm are glad to announce a $130,000 settlement between Shur-Brite Hi-Speed Car Wash…


Two Major Workplace Lawsuits in News

Costco employees have filed a unpaid wages lawsuit in California stating the company had repeatedly violated the state’s wage and labor law. Costco faces allegations similar to those Tennessee Law Blog reported last year in the nationwide unpaid overtime lawsuits against Wal-Mart stores. Specifically, Costco has allegedly required employees to…


Wage, Hour Lawsuits Continued – Wal-Mart Settles Yet Another Unpaid Wage Lawsuit

Wal-Mart wage employers in South Carolina filing a class action wage and hour lawsuit will find justice for their unpaid wages–justice to the tune of a $49 million settlement. This latest wage and hour lawsuit settlement, by no means the first for Wal-Mart (check out the $352M wage and hour…


Harrassment Retaliation Lawsuit from Nashville Local in Sexual Harassment Case Will Get Its Day in Court

Discriminated workers and workplace discrimination lawyers in Tennessee and across the U.S. received a boost last week when the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act became law, allowing discriminated employees facing unequal wages to sue for disparate pay. (Read more in last week’s Tennessee Law Blog’s Pay Discrimination Law Passes Senate).…


Pay Discrimination Bill Passes U.S. Senate

Workplace discrimination lawyers in Tennessee and across the U.S. were expectantly watching coverage or checking our Blackberries for live reports last week as Senate voted 61-36 for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. This important piece of legislation plugs a two-year hole in workplace pay discrimination law and…


Numerous Wal-Mart Wage-and-Hour Lawsuits Settled

Wal-Mart, in an exciting follow-up to Tennessee Law Blog’s Wal-Mart wage and hour lawsuit story posted earlier this month, said Tuesday that it will settle its numerous unpaid wage lawsuits in Tennessee and across the nation. These unpaid Wal-Mart wage and hour lawsuits’ damages amount to at least $352 million…