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Statute of Limitations may have expired on Old Abuse Claims in Tennessee Courts

In Tennessee and in many other states across the country, there is often times where the statute of limitations may have expired on a particular case or crime. In these cases, if the statute of limitations is unclear, then the court may determine if they have expired or not. Sometimes…


Former Skyline’s Patient’s Sexual Assault Lawsuit Gets Second Chance

In Tennessee and all over the country, when people go into the hospital or another medical facility for treatment, they expect to be well taken care of and protected from any further harm. Unfortunately, sometimes incidents happen and can leave patients being harmed by other patients and people who may…


Drunken Driving Lawsuit Results in $3 Million Award

In Tennessee and all across the United States, many people unfortunately get behind the wheel of a vehicle after they have been drinking. Unfortunately, many times this careless action leads to someone being seriously injured or even dying. If you or someone you care about has been injured or affected…


Lebanon Tennessee Youth Minister Indicted on Child Rape Charges

http://hhpfirm.comAccording to an article on, a Youth Minister from a church in Lebanon, Tennessee has been arrested on multiple charges of child rape involving two young boys. The youth minister worked at the church and gained the trust of the children and their families, as reported in the article.…