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Discount Tire recalls 79,513 truck and SUV replacement tires

We rely on our vehicles to be safe and reliable so they can get us where we need to go each day. Unfortunately, sometimes vehicle tires will have defects and problems which can lead to car accidents and even severe or life-threatening injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports…


Wrongful death lawsuit filed against Tony Stewart on behalf of the family of Kevin Ward Jr.

Recently, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against race car driver Tony Stewart. Although the loss of life was tragic, this is going to be a tough case for the family to win. If you saw the news clip, it appears that the young man got out of his car…


TDOT Releases Findings on Potentially Dangerous Section of I-40 in Wilson County

Many factors can contribute to a car accident. It is not always just the driving of other people that may be involved. If roads are poorly designed or maintained or if street signs are obstructed or damage, these kinds of things can also lead to accidents that involve serious injuries…


Texting and Driving Continues Deadly Impact on Tennessee Roadways

Tennessee has lost out on a considerable amount of federal funding because of its weak Driving and Texting Laws. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has determined that Tennessee will not get hundreds of thousands of dollars reserved for only those states meeting certain specifications in their texting while driving…