Accidents Caused by Cell Phone Use While Driving Cost Employers Millions in Jury Awards

Distracted driving as a result of cell phones has become an epidemic problem in this country. 39 of our 50 states have laws limiting the use of cell phones while driving. Now after some record civil judgments the business world is attempting to curb the use of cell phones of their employees while driving. In fact, many companies have ban their employees from using cell phones while on the job or while driving because it can cause these accidents and end up costing them large amounts of money.

In one recent lawsuits, a family was awarded $21 million following the death of a thirty-two year old woman who was killed in a cell phone related accident. In another case involving Coca-Cola, the company had to pay $21 million to a thirty-seven year old woman who suffered nerve damage to her back after she was hit by a car driven by a Coca-Cola sales person who was talking on their cell phone while driving. The company can be held accountable in cell phone related accidents if their employee is driving a company car or if the employee is driving a private car but is doing so while on the job. They can also be held accountable if the employee is using a company cell phone or if the employee is using a private cell phone for work related issues.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration using a cell phone while driving makes the driver four times more likely to be involved in an accident. Some people may state that talking on a cell phone while driving is no more dangerous than listening to the radio or talking to someone in the car but recent research has proven the opposite. A passenger in the car may help someone be more alert or tell them when to stop or go but if you are talking on a cell phone your mind is somewhere else. Many companies including UPS and Time Warner Cable have ban their employees from using cell phones while driving. The National Safety Council is currently working on making people aware of the risks of using a personal cell phone while driving.

Unfortunately, cases similar to the ones mentioned occur all too often to people across the country and even to Tennessee residents. If you or someone you care about has been injured after a cell phone related accident, then we strongly recommend that you contact one of our experienced and caring Tennessee car accident attorneys immediately. We will work with you and see to it that you get the compensation you are entitled to for what you have suffered.

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